University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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University of Iowa editorial style

The University of Iowa editorial style guide, based on The Associated Press 2011 Stylebook, aims to establish standards for clear and consistent writing that will help campus communicators produce materials for a wide range of audiences, including current and future students, parents, alumni, and the public.

The following guidelines are designed for use in all written materials and across multiple platforms, online and in print.

Style guides

The Associated Press (AP) 2011 Stylebook was chosen as the basis for the UI style guide because it is widely accepted, is easy and quick to use, and is updated yearly. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, fourth edition, is the chief spelling reference for the AP Stylebook and for the UI guide.

Writers and editors will find a few rules unique to the UI and a few exceptions to AP in the UI guide. But for most questions, they should turn to the AP stylebook and Webster’s. For questions not answered in AP or the UI guide, consult the Chicago Manual of Style or one of the many references listed in the AP stylebook’s bibliography.

Unique University of Iowa style

Find rules regarding UI building names, programs, and other items unique to our campus in the Unique University of Iowa style section.

Send us your ideas

To stay relevant and up-do-date, the UI style guide will need to reflect changes at the UI and in communication styles and media worldwide. To suggest revisions or additions, please contact Lois J. Gray at 319-384-0077 or