University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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Following are common questions about logos, design, editorial style, letterhead, and more. Contact us for answers to more questions, or to suggest additional items for this page.

Am I required to include the university’s logo and wordmark on my project?

Yes—in general, all print and electronic materials must include the university’s logo and wordmark. This ensures that communications from the university are identifiable at a glance. See Graphic identity page for detailed information and downloadable graphics.

Can I use the Tigerhawk instead?

The Tigerhawk is the logo for UI athletics programs—it’s not a substitute for the university’s Old Capitol dome logo, which represents the whole institution. For information about using the Tigerhawk, contact the Iowa Licensing Program at 319-384-2000 or

Can I use my unit’s logo on our materials?

Usually, yes, so long as your logo has been approved by the university’s Graphic Identity Committee and you also use the university’s logo and wordmark.

Do I need to include the logo and wordmark on a website?

Yes—see Guidelines for websites for specific information.

Are there required web templates I need to use?

No, but websites do need to meet the university’s accessibility standards and include basic required elements like contact and copyright information, page titles, and links to the UI home page. See Guidelines for websites for more information.

My unit wants to develop a new logo—what do we do?

University policy strives to maintain a strong central graphic identity system and reduce proliferation of unit logos—you can make your materials distinctive without introducing a new logo. The university’s Graphic Identity Committee reviews and approves new logo requests and designs. For more information, contact Ben Hill at 319-384-3400 or

Can we use the Old Capitol dome or Tigerhawk in our logo?

Generally, no. The university’s graphic identity standards do not permit the official Old Capitol dome logo (or similar designs) to be combined with other logos. Use of the Tigerhawk is also controlled. For more information, contact Ben Hill at 319-384-3400 or

Do I need to follow the editorial style guidelines presented on this site?

The editorial style guidelines are presented as a resource, not a mandate. But we encourage university units to adopt these guidelines, in particular for marketing materials and for public information projects that include news stories, feature articles, and the like. Following common style practices helps us consistently tell our story and repurpose text in multiple venues.

The new style guidelines contradict old practices, like capitalizing the “The” in the university’s name. Why make this change?

The style guidelines introduced in 2011 adopt Associated Press (AP) style as their base reference, and seek to reduce UI-specific exceptions from generally accepted style practices. This includes changes in how we capitalize the university’s name: “The University of Iowa” becomes “the University of Iowa.”

In addition, we no longer capitalize the word “university” when referring specifically to the UI, as in, “The university announced a change to editorial style practices.”

Is there more than one letterhead style?

University letterhead is available in two standard layouts—one with the department address at the top, the other with the address at the bottom. Units can choose from several variations on each design. See University stationery for more information.

Can I get electronic letterhead?

Yes—it’s available from Printing Services and can be ordered just like paper letterhead. See University stationery for more information.

What if I don’t think my unit should be using the university’s standard stationery products?

University units should use standard designs for letterhead, business cards, and related materials, but can receive an exemption for special projects. Contact Ben Hill at 319-384-3400 or to discuss your request.