University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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Guidelines for print publications

University units have considerable latitude in developing print projects like booklets, brochures, reports, flyers, and postcards. A few basic guidelines help ensure that printed materials represent the university’s brand, carry notifications required by law, and are developed in keeping with university policy.

Quality is key when developing materials that speak for the university and its colleges, departments, and programs. Units are encouraged to work with professional graphic designers (or trained student designers) whenever possible. Accuracy, consistency, and careful proofreading help make your communications credible and best convey your messages.

Logo and wordmark in print publications

The University of Iowa logo and wordmark are the core of the university’s graphic identity system, distinguishing UI communications at a glance. All print materials produced by university units for any audience should include the university’s logo and wordmark.

See Graphic identity for general information about the logo and wordmark and for downloadable graphic files.

Following are guidelines for using the logo and wordmark in print:

  • In general, both the logo and the wordmark should appear on the front cover of any print publication (see exceptions in sidebar). The logo should appear on the back cover.
  • The logo and wordmark can appear together as a single element, or they can be separated from each other.
  • The logo and wordmark can be appear as a positive (black or another color) or reverse (white on a black or color background). It’s best to print the logo and wordmark in black, white, or gold, but other colors may be appropriate for some projects.
  • When set on two lines, the wordmark shouldn’t be less than 1 inch wide, or less than 1¼ inches wide when set on one line. The logo shouldn’t be smaller than 3/8 inch high.
  • Use only the approved logo and wordmark files available on this site. Please do not redraw, reproportion, or embellish them in any way.

For downloadable graphics files, see Logo and wordmark files.

Required notifications

University, state, and federal regulations require the following notices on printed materials:

Recycled paper logo

All publications of state agencies, including the university, that are printed on recycled paper should include a logo developed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, along with a statement that the piece is printed on recycled paper.

Nondiscrimination statement

The nondiscrimination statement must appear in all publications that describe educational programs (including continuing education courses and conferences) and all publications that recruit individuals for employment or enrollment. The university reviews the statement annually and sometimes makes changes. See the Operations Manual for the most current statement.

Accessibility statement

All printed materials describing or inviting participation in university programs must inquire whether individuals will need reasonable accommodations to participate:

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa-sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact (sponsoring department or contact person) in advance at (telephone number).

Fair Information Practices Act

Notice must be given when the university requests personally identifiable information from a person beyond the kind of information that appears in the university directory. The notice should specify why the information is requested, whether it will be routinely disclosed outside the university (and to whom), which requested information is optional, and what will happen if the information is not provided.

Sample statements

“The university asks for the information on this reply card to help us stay in touch with you and send you information that might be of interest. Persons outside the university are not routinely provided this information except for directory information like name and local address. Items marked ‘optional’ are optional, but responses to all other items are required for us to take action.”

“The university requests this information to process registration and continuing education records. No persons outside the university are routinely provided this information. Responses to items marked ‘optional’ are not required, but if you do not complete other items, we may not be able to process your registration.”

Printing Services

The Iowa Board of Regents has designated Printing Services as the official purchasing agent for the university’s printing. A Printing Services representative must approve all requests for printing and copying for the university.

Most printing for university units is performed in-house—a competitive bidding process governs any that is not. A Printing Services representative manages this process, termed Special Printing Orders.

For more information, visit Printing and Mailing Services online; email; or phone 319-384-3700.