University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

Old Capitol




Stationery templates


Most of the templates below are Microsoft Word documents that can be used on both Mac and PC platforms.

Note to Mac users: If you store the files with a ".dot" suffix in the "My Templates" folder in Microsoft Word, you will be able to access them easily via "My Templates" in your Microsoft Word "Project Gallery." Saving them there allows you to open a new unnamed document based on the template, while still maintaining your original.

Downloading templates

To download a template, position your cursor over the link to the document. Take note of the file name. If you're on a Mac, just click to download the file. Then look for the file in your download folder.

If you're on a PC, "right click" to bring up the menu. Then choose "download link to disk" or "save target as." This will download the file to your computer. Look for it in your download file.

The letterhead has a standard 1-inch left margin and 2-inch top margin. It is important for all letter text to fall within the margins established for the letterhead design. In this "live area," users can choose any typeface, style, or size and any letter format. Download a copy of the letterhead "live area" dimensions for quick reference. Below are templates for both one- and two-page letters.

University letterhead one-page letter template

University letterhead two-page letter template

Brochure templates

Old Capitol Style

Old Capitol Brochure

Side One (side with Old Capitol photos)

Microsoft Word template (

Guidelines for setting your own margins and guides in other software

Side Two (plain side)

Microsoft Word template (

Gold Bar Style

Photo or yellow and white flyer

Side One (side with the gold panel)

Download instructions

Side Two (white with gold borders)

Guidelines for setting your own margins and guides in other software.

PowerPoint™ templates

Special instructions for PowerPoint™ templates.


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